Casual – Inspirational – Relevant

Worship at PHUMCThe people of Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church are highly motivated by a desire to help others have an experience of Jesus Christ. Through this intentional faith sharing and development, we connect with people and friendships are made. These relationships and friendships enrich our lives so much and become the cornerstone of our emotional and spiritual resources.

We have three services every Sunday morning. Although the message is the same at each service they have their own style and flair. Coffee, doughnuts, juice and other breakfast treats are served before and      in-between our services.

9:00 In the Sanctuary
The band plays the kind of music that you might hear on the radio in this very casual gathering. We also have a message and  special worship time just for kids.

11:00 In the Sanctuary
This is a more formal service where people come dressed casually for a more Traditional worship experience. Music is offered by the choir and we sing from the hymnal.