We are located in the United Methodist Church at 1300 Lexington Rd. here in Pleasant Hill, MO.

Rainbow Kingdom PreschoolParent’s Day Out Program-School year (Sept. thru mid May)
Two & Three year olds-8:30am to 3pm; okay if not potty- trained
Three to Five year olds-8:30am to 3pm; must be potty-trained
Registration $60, Daily fees-$32, $25 per sibling.
Half day(8:30 to 12)-$17.00 per day
Paid on monthly basis

Summer Parent’s Day Out
Offered June and July (except the last week in July)
Classes are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:30 am to 3 pm
Registration $25, Daily fees are same as school year fees above.

Preschool Program
Three & Four year old Preschool; must be 3 by July 31st and potty trained
Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 am to 12 pm

Registration $60, Monthly fee $185 With option to stay till 3pm for Parent’s Day Out
Afternoon PDO $15.00 per day/paid on monthly basis

Four & Five year old Pre-K; Must be 4 by July 31 and potty trained
Monday/Wednesday/Friday-8:30 to 12
Registration $60, Monthly fee $195 with option to stay will 3 pm for Parent’s Day Out
Afternoon PDO $15.00 per day/paid on monthly basis

Rainbow Kingdom PreschoolPre-enrollment begins late February/early March. Parents already enrolled this year get first choice for fall openings then we call those on our waiting list. Names for waiting list are taken year round.

*We follow the Pleasant Hill Public School calendar for days closed and for weather closings. We open after Labor Day and end late May.

For questions or to get your name on our waiting list please call Teresa Vaughan at 816-540-7847.