Leading Generously

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What is a “servant leader”? Often our idea of leadership is very different from the leadership Christ modeled. He stooped to wash His students’ feet! He feed the crowds. And he chased the moneychangers away from the temple. How can we show that kind of humility and boldness while having the discernment to know when to “step up” and when to “step down”?

In the coming weeks, I hope to address some of these questions as we continue a 5-week worship series entitled Leading Generously that started October 22. This series is a continuation of a story we started 4 years ago, and continues the story of the Donovan family as they learn what it means to create the legacy of a Servant Leader. Each week we see a glimpse of their journey as they wrestle with the difference between being a legend and making a legacy. You won’t want to miss a single Sunday!

We all want to know that our lives matter, that we are leaving the world a better place than we found it. My prayer is this series will prompt us to take an inventory of the opportunities we have to give ourselves away and the daily opportunities we have to invest in the eternal. As we do, I hope you will be inspired with a new awareness of the goodness of God and the gift of Christ.

At the end of the series, we will give you the opportunity to share how you have been impacted. What an opportunity for our church family to celebrate God’s generosity! Will you join me in praying that God will prepare our hearts to hear the message of ultimate generosity? I hope you will join us every week.