Hello world!

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People have been telling me I need to write a blog.  It wasn’t that long ago I didn’t know what a blog is and now I am going to try to write one.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while.  But today is the day.  It’s kinda like asking a girl on a date for the first time or driving solo after getting your first drivers license.  My goal is to post on this blog every week.  So with all the courage I can muster and not sure how this will work – here goes.

A few months ago I bought a new “used” car.  Its a 2011 BMW 135i  and I got a really good deal on it.  I had owned a couple of BMW motorcycles and they were amazing machines.  I never thought I would have such a great car and I like it a lot.  It’s a convertible and I like driving around with the top down, I call it going topless.  Any day I can drive topless is a good day.  I took my car to the shop yesterday for routine maintenance.

My car monitors the oil and tells me when I need to add oil or get it changed.  Its not just a mileage counter, it knows based upon my driving habits and the condition of the oil and the oil level when to have the oil changed.  It knows when the tires need air, when the brakes need to be replaced, when its cold outside and I need to drive more carefully.  It knows when I am driving and when Kristina gets into the drivers seat.  It knows how far I can drive before I need gas.  When did cars get so smart?