General Guidelines for Facility Use/Rental

The following guidelines apply to the use and /or of the rental of the Church Facility by groups or individuals.

  1. An application for Building Use form is required for all activities conducted at PHUMC with the exception of Church Sponsored activities. The intent of the form is to assure that the event is placed on the church calendar, a responsible person or persons to serve as the contact for the event is identified and that all required fees are paid and user rules and requirements reviewed with the requestor. You can obtain a form at the church office located at 1300 Lexington Rd. Pleasant Hill, MO. 64080.
  2. An application for building use must be made a minimum of three weeks in advance of a scheduled event. The request must be provided in person to the church secretary. If the requested space is available, all deposits, if any, will be paid and submitted with the completed and signed form. The space is not considered “booked” until signed form and deposit, if any, are received and recorded by the church secretary. Any and all other fees and balances must be paid one week prior to the event. Chruch sponsored activities are exempt from these requirements, however, they must still be booked through the church secretary and placed on the church calendar.
  3. If the CLC is requested for use, PHUMC will assure that the requestor is trained on the use of lighting in this area. Similar instruction will also be provided to the requester on the use of the audio visual equipment if the use is requested. It is the responsibility of the requestor to assure that the lights and equipment are operated as directed.
  4. Requests may be made for activities that occur on a recurring basis (e.g. basketball practices). PHUMC will specify the recurring dates in a schedule to be provided to the requestor at the time of initial submission of the Application for Building Use. Should the requested area be needed during the year for a church mission related event that conflicts with the requestors recurring schedule, PHUMC will work with the requestor to reschedule the event. Fee payments for recurring events beyond the first use may be arranged with the church office.
  5. Before an event or before the first recurring event, a PHUMC representative will meet with the requestor to review that area requested for use, answer questions related to its use and to review applicable rules.
  6. When using the facility the person or persons (not to exceed 2 people) signing the application for Building Use, are required to be at the event during the entirety of the event. That person(s) will be responsible for any improper use or activity during the event and for any damages that may occur. See also Section entitled “Cancellation and Damages” below.
  7. When the kitchen is used by any group all consumable goods (flour, spices, coffee, tea etc.) along with kitchen linens and utensils must be furnished by that group. Groups are responsible for cleaning up all of the utensils, plates, cups, etc. and removing all their items from the refrigerators and/or freezers.
  8. No food is to be taken out of the CLC or kitchen area. In some instances, special arrangements may be made in advance to permit food in some classroom areas. All requests for special arrangements and decisions will be handled through the Board of Trustees.
  9. No furniture, chairs, appliances, equipment of any type are to be removed from the premises. The room or rooms must be left as you
    found it.
  10. No access to areas or rooms other than that requested is allowed. For example, if the CLC is used all patrons must remain in the CLC unless entering or exiting the building. No unscheduled meetings are allowed anywhere in the building once the alarm has been set for the night.
  11. Smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages is never permitted. Noncompliance with this rule will mean immediate termination of any contracts and immediate expulsion from the premises.
  12. Your language and actions should compliment the church. No foul language will be allowed. observance or complaints of such will result in expulsion from the premises.