About PHUMCThe mission of our church is to connect people with Jesus Christ and each other. The vision for our church can be simplified into three phrases: Growing Disciples, Loving our neighbors, Serving God. Everything we do is evaluated based on its ability to accomplish one or more of these things. These three phrases also make up our ministry designations.

The people of Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church are highly motivated by a desire to help others have an experience of Jesus Christ. Through this intentional faith sharing and development, we connect with people and friendships are made. These friendships enrich our lives so much and become the cornerstone of our emotional and spiritual resources.

We are blessed with some outstanding teachers and leaders in the area of Christian education and growth. We strive to offer a variety of high quality learning and growth opportunities that bring individuals and families into a deeper relationship with Christ. We believe that Christian formation is a lifelong process. We can always discover new realities of God, God’s Kingdom, and Jesus Christ.

The very heart of the Christian message is Love. We love because God first loved us. Love is the only force and /or element in life that increases the more you give it away. In fact, love isn’t truly love until it is given away. Love is our primary motivation for all we say, think, and do. We hope you can feel the love the moment you walk in our facility. Love is evident in every encounter and program.

Jesus said, “I have come not to be served, but to serve…” (Mark 10:45). As followers of Christ we seek to do the same. This principle is lived out as we find ways to be a blessing to others. The church is not a building but it is the people of God working together in ministry. We support acts of compassion and mercy through our United Methodist Apportionments, mission trips and helping our neighbors. The church continues the ministry of Jesus Christ by doing the things he did and loving the people he loves.

It is important to note that our vision begins with “the people.” The church is not some distant organization out beyond us, but it is people. Our success in accomplishing this vision is directly related to how our members embrace these principles and apply them to their lives.

The second element to notice about our vision is together we seek joy, hope, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. The world is full of things that threaten to take away our joy and crush our hope. We believe that Christians should be joyful people because of the gift of abundant life Christ gives (John 10:10) and the sufficiency of grace (2 Corinthians 12:9) that is active in our lives. The word “seek” is also important in our vision statement because it expresses that sometimes in our attempt to do our very best for God we fall short. We are not a perfect church. We are “seeking” to accomplish a divinely inspired ministry. We repent for the times we fail and give God the glory for times when we see this vision unfold.